Episode 51

The Soul Blueprint with Martina Salling | Ep.51

“Something that I love about human design is that it teaches us that our decisions don't come from our mind, like our logical mind or the pros and cons list or you know or what's the smartest decision. It all comes from connecting to our body.”

This week I had the absolute pleasure to speak with Martina Salling, a beautiful entrepreneur that I met here in Tulum. She is an alignment coach and human design expert who teaches how to use somatic therapy and nervous system regulation which is all about getting deeper into your body, and human design to become a more embodied human and allows us to access our full Soul Blueprint.

Tune in as Martina shares her journey of building a successful online business, using HD to get to know herself on a deeper level, and how these practices supported her to finally feel like “ life is making sense”.

To connect with Martina, follow her on IG @martinasalling, and don’t forget to take her up on a free mini Human Design reading so you can learn why you are the way you are so you can live a soul-aligned life with greater confidence in yourself and less resistance in your business/relationships. https://calendly.com/martinasalling/mini-hd-reading

Free Mini Human Design reading:

Learn why you are the way you are so you can live a soul-aligned life with greater confidence in yourself and less resistance in your business/relationships.



About the Guest:

Martina Salling is an Alignment Coach & Human Design Expert.

Martina combines somatic practices with Human Design to guide clients back into alignment with their most authentic self. She is a certified trauma-informed coach, and has been serving clients for over 9 years in the wellness industry, previously as a Personal Trainer, Kinesiologist and Exercise Physiologist.

Martina embodies a deep understanding of the mind-body-soul connection and takes a holistic approach to optimizing wellness for herself and her clients. Her passion and purpose is helping women heal from their past, overcome internal blocks and raise their frequency so they can live a soul-aligned life with fulfillment & freedom.




About the Host:

Theresa Lambert is a Business Strategist + Coach with an impressive hotelier background in luxury Hospitality in the #1 Ski Resort in North America. She creates unique success plans and provides strategic guidance to female entrepreneurs so they can SCALE to 6-figures and beyond while having the FREEDOM TO PLAY.

In 2020 Theresa became the Bestselling Author of her book  Achieve with Grace: A guide to elegance and effectiveness in intense workplaces. She is also a Speaker, the Podcast host of Diaries of a Six Figure Coach Podcast and co-host of Dissecting Success.

Theresa has been recognized as a business leader in Whistler’s Profiles of Excellence, and is being featured in publications such as Hotelier Magazine, Thrive Global and Authority Magazine.

Diaries of a six figure Coach isn’t only a Podcast to help you get strategic and master the precision of Success.  It’s a declaration to share the truth. It’s a commitment to keep going to make it happen, no matter what. It’s an activation and invitation for female Coaches and Entrepreneurs to play a bigger Game. Tune into short, potent and value packed episodes that are fun, raw, real, vulnerable and authentic af on what it takes to build a six figure coaching business online. It’s going to MOVE you. It’s going to ACTIVATE you. It’s going to help you access your audacity, courage and start taking the intentional actions to make your biz dreams come true while living the life you desire and making an impact online.


Instagram: @theresalambertcoaching


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Theresa Lambert:

I believe in divine timing. I believe that the right people information, wisdom, guidance, heck things arrive when we're ready for them. I believe that owning our own truth unconditionally is the path to not only creative fulfillment, but more about success and abundance. This is not only a podcast to help you get strategic and mastered a position of success. It's a declaration to share the truth. It's a commitment to keep going to make it happen no matter what. It's an activation and invitation for me for you and for us to play a bigger game. So my question for you is this. Do you really want it? Do you really want to make your dreams come true? Do you really want to become a six figure coach? Welcome to the diaries of a six figure coach podcast. I am your host, Theresa Lambert, and I dare you to get ready to show up, boss up and make it happen.

Theresa Lambert:

Hello, Hello. And welcome back to another episode of diaries of a six figure coach podcast. I am back with another fabulous fabulous fabulous guest Martina, and Martina and I met in beautiful to loom actually at a girl gang meet up around branding, which was so so cool. And we've since connected a few times. She's a alignment coach and human design expert. She also does somatic work. She's generally it's just a really cool woman to know. And I really loved and enjoyed the time we spent together and her energy and what she brings to the table. And so we had a conversation. And I was like, let's get you on the podcast. Let's have a conversation about life, business, human design, somatic work, traveling. I mean, who knows where this conversation is going to go. But I think you're going to all love her. So Martina, welcome to the pod.

Martina Salling:

Yay. Thank you so much for having me. I'm so excited to be here. Absolutely.

Theresa Lambert:

Absolutely. You know, I love that to loom video attracts a very cool kind of soul. And what I love too, is that there are so many of us here, and I've not met one entrepreneur and to learn who does exactly the same than another entrepreneur. So while there is overlap, and while there are similarities, and while we all you know walk from Paradise, we all bring such cool, unique vibes and perspectives to what we do, even if it's things like human design. And I would love to know, you know, how did you get into the human design journey? How did you find yourself into loom? Traveling, doing what you're doing building your business? Like, just give us a little bit of have a few into your beautiful life?

Martina Salling:

Absolutely. And yeah, I totally agree with you like the people that I'm meeting here in saloon. There's just like this really, really cool alignment. But yeah, so many unique people, like you said, and what I've noticed is one of my core values is like freedom. And I just noticed that a lot of people I connect with, it seems to me, like that's a really common core value here, which is why I think that we're all kind of gravitating to this special place and connecting. That's been beautiful. I started studying Human Design about two years ago. And for me, it was like a really pivotal moment in my life. So I'll start with a bit of a backstory to how I got there. Since high school, I was always interested in fitness. So I just I love being in the gym, and like learning about it. And when I was 15, I decided I want to be a personal trainer. And so I went to college for four years got a degree in that pursued that field for about eight years. So I was working with clients in person, personal training, kinesiology, exercise physiology. And it was great, I enjoyed it, I got to a point where I just felt kind of bored, like I wasn't growing at the capacity that I want it to be within my personal life. So for me like teaching the same exercises over and over, it just got to be repetitive. And I also saw this common theme with my clients that I wasn't fully helping them to the capacity that it could be by providing like exercise routines or nutrition. Like don't get me wrong. These are really important parts of living a healthy lifestyle, which is what I'm all about. But I was noticing that there was deeper blocks that were holding my clients back. So it's the mindset stuff. But even more than that, almost like childhood traumas, these deep rooted limiting beliefs and self sabotage patterns. And I was really driven Then to get to like the core root cause of that. And I know like, why, why that's my passion is in my human design as well. Which is always funny. So I kind of just verged away, I wasn't really feeling aligned with being a personal trainer anymore. And I had this kind of like identity crisis, because I had built my whole, basically, my adult life. So far to that point, I identified as a personal trainer, that's who I knew myself to be. And if I were to let go of that identity, I didn't know who I was. And I felt disconnected from my purpose. And I was in like, a depressed place. This feeling of purposelessness, which is also one of the shadows that shows up within one of my human design gates. So when I saw that connection later, I'm like, Oh, this makes sense. If I don't feel connected to a purpose, I started to question like, why am I here. And then I found astrology and human design, I just started to read about myself, I had also started like a microdosing journey at this time, too. So I feel like it was a really interesting time in my life, where I just had this different perspective. And I started to self reflect. And I started to kind of journal and process, you know, why I was doing what I was doing. And I realized I really still wanted to help people, like work with women specifically. And I'm passionate about helping people live like their happiest, healthiest, most fulfilled life. And I just realized that, you know, fitness wasn't all of that there was the deeper stuff. When I started to get to know myself deeper, I realized this, there's something else going on here. I

Theresa Lambert:

love this on so many levels. And one thing that really actually two things that really struck me with what you said, One, you know, you you are busy living this life, and you found yourself, you know, doing what you thought you were passionate about, right, the fitness piece and helping people with fitness and nutrition. And so there was that component of even what you're still doing now already existed, but it just was like maybe like a, you know, a fraction off the off what was possible. It's like you saw a little piece of what you liked, but not the whole puzzle. And like so many of us, I find we tend to box ourselves into one little bracket. And it's almost like we can't be more than that. We can only be that. And then the other thing you mentioned around like, no, who am I if I'm not Matina, the fitness coach, like who am I, if I'm not the personal trainer, right? And, and I really relate to that, because when I went through my career transition as a hotel, EA, and VD whacking on the fact that I'm not my results, and this was my trauma dealt with that has driven me in Japan out again and again and again, and is why I'm so passionate about building our businesses in a way that actually nudges our nervous system. I asked myself this question like who am I, if I'm not a general manager of a luxury boutique hotel, like who am I when I'm not that because we associate what you do, like what we do with who we are. And it's not who we are like what we do should be an extension of who we are not define who we are. And so I love that. And I love how human design just always has so many explanations. Like it's like, whenever I dive into my human design, I'm like, oh, but of course, oh, but of course, like it's just like, almost like this really cool guidance system that I found that has been so helpful in terms of not just how I build my business, but how I live my life. As like three, five, manage and within emotional authority, and I have a very like, I'm like, so like excited to dive into this more. But I have a very interesting design in the fact that like, I'm an emotional authority, but all of my senses are defined with the exception of my heart and my head and my asthma. So when I get like a sacral hit, it pushes me into an emotional wave and then I also get a spleen a kid. So I have like multiple centers firing and for a long time, it was really confusing to figure out when it was actually a yes or when it was actually a no, because it's almost like I have to decide. Then write an emotional wave and then see if I still have to guess Before I pull the trigger, so So freedom is one of them.

Martina Salling:

And it's actually also somewhere in my gene keys, like

Theresa Lambert:

an integral part. And so anyways, sometimes I would make decisions, and then I'd move right away. And then I really regret it. And I have to backpedal and get myself out of it, and it would feel really not good. And so when I started to understand why I was like, one, I have to be more patient. But two, it was almost like it leaves. Now I know, like, now I know why I make a decision. And I can move in this like, regret spiral. And then 24 hours later, I'm like, No, this is actually good. And then when that second head comes, I'm like, solid, like there was, there is certainty, even though like I will never feel 100% Certain when I think only when I feel and that too for me, like all these pieces. So tell me more about like, human design and how you use it and how it helped you make these transitions that you're making and how it's supporting your clients, maybe find more alignment and use it to make choices that I've done, whether it's, you know, coming, visiting all of us into the room or staying where they are and being in a happy place there.

Martina Salling:

Absolutely, yeah. Thank you for sharing all that, too. Wow. And that's actually a really important piece that you touched on, like the decision making, especially with the emotional definition. I think a lot of people don't realize this, because our society can pressure us to make like in synthesis decisions, or we're taught to like, think about it. And so something that I love about human design is that it teaches us that our decisions don't come from our mind, like our logical mind, or the pros and cons list or, you know, what's the smartest decision, it all comes from connecting to our body. And so when I started learning about human design, I also started learning about like somatic therapy and nervous system regulation, which is all about getting deeper into your body, becoming a more embodied human. And it was just this beautiful journey of yeah, really getting to know myself on the deeper level. And when I started to look at my own chart and reflect and just see how accurate it was, I felt like my life made sense. I was like, Okay, there's an explanation for why I am this way. I'm not wrong. Oh, wait, oh, true.

Theresa Lambert:

It kind of makes us feel better, doesn't it? Like when you have this, like, oh, okay, this makes so much sense. And also, you know, the other thing is, you said that too, one thing that I found, that helps me in communication, and it helps me as I help my clients build their businesses, I always like, look at that human design. And I find out like, I'm not, I don't teach human design, but I incorporate it into my business, I even like it for my one to one clients, I have somebody, you know, do a reading for them. And I bring that in and upbringing, astrology and so that we're really making sure that how we're building the business and the business models, and, and all of that is really in alignment with who they are and what's happening for them and what they're meant to do in the world. And so I feel like, it's really important because it helps us in so many aspects. But the communication has been huge for me, like to learn about even how I need to be communicated, like you said, you know, most of us like sometimes the world wants us to make a decision instantly.

Theresa Lambert:

And I can't, I literally can't. And when people push me to make a decision on something, I get very frustrated. So I get into, like, I get out of alignment. And I never quite knew why sometimes I was like, I'm just not ready to make a decision on this. And I can't tell you if it's going to take me 15 minutes or two weeks, like, like, that's the reality. And sometimes I write it like I've written emotional waves for years, before I was truly able to make a decision. And now I'm realizing why and I'm realizing how I can sort of like, be compassionate for that process. But I get so frustrated when people try to push me to make a decision on something especially if I'm in like an emotional high on an emotional like low quote unquote, like, listen, all emotions are good, but like it's the only way I can describe it. And sometimes when I'm in an emotional wave and something else comes in, I'm like I can right now. Give you an answer like right now, even on something simple. So for me to even be able to communicate, you know like to say, look, I can't make decisions like this, I need time to process and I will get back to you and just trust that I'm gonna get back to you. But when people push me, and before I was able to communicate that, I almost felt like I was constantly letting people down. No, I made decisions that then I regretted and I'm like, How can I not make simple decisions? And sometimes it's, you know, little things like, you know, you want to go out tonight, like, let's go here tonight, you know, I've like we like, let's do it like, and they're like one a decision? And I'm like, even simple things like that. Sometimes, I don't know yet, if that's a yes or no. And I have to feel through it. And so, you know, learning that was like, so big, because the stress I would put on my nervous system, when I make decisions that are out of alignment, by by rushing, and you know, what, just going with logically does make sense, or logically just doesn't make sense. Just cost so much shit, to be honest, that then I have to deal with the shit.

Martina Salling:

It's like, No, I have to clean this up. And it's doing more work. I hear you, I hear you. And that's yeah, this is one of my favorite things about, you know, understanding the system and helping others understand themselves better. And what you touched on there, it's really boundaries, right? And so the more we know ourselves, the more we understand, like, Okay, here's what I need. And we can start to communicate our needs, what are their people? And this, to me really contributes to like the rise in the collective consciousness, which is really why I do everything that I do. So I love that.

Theresa Lambert:

I love that. So how do you guide people? Like if somebody comes to you, you know, and they're like, new to human design? They have no idea. Maybe they even listening to this. And they're like, I have no clue what mattina and Teresa even talk about, like, what is this emotional authority? What is this guidance system? I mean, I know, I've had a few people on here talking about human design, and I bring it up. So you may or may not know, you may want to know more. But if somebody new comes to, you know, a new client, and they're like, never been exposed to this, like, how do you stop that that Johnny with Domine? And, you know, what is that like for them? And yeah, just take us into that a little bit.

Martina Salling:

So my four step process, essentially, of the coaching that I work with people on is, know yourself, love yourself, trust yourself and who yourself is, I really think the most important thing we can do as a soul is to like authentically express our true self. But we can't do that unless we really know ourselves. So when I look at someone's chart, and yeah, what human design shows us, it's basically we're breeding five ancient systems all together into one package. So most people are familiar with astrology. And most people, if you ask, like, what's your sign, they're going to tell you their sun sign, right, so my sun sign is a Scorpio. But there's also a whole other chart, that's just the sun placement. There's our moon or rising Mercury, Venus, Mars, Pluto, all the other planet placements. And those are just astrology sites. So human design is all of those as well as the chakra system, and human design. These are those energy centers, but there's actually nine of them. And then we've also got the eaching. The Kabbalah, which is rooted in sacred geometry, we've got quantum physics, it's really complex. And it gives us such a blueprint of kind of like, why our soul came here. So we'll see when we look at charts, there's going to be gates on one side that are defined in black and these are your conscious gates. These are gonna be energies that you're more consciously aware of in yourself, and maybe you trust more. And you've also got unconscious gates. So it's just really interesting to see like how these energies all play out in our life. And when we can kind of map it all out and make sense of why we are the way we are. In liberates us to be ourselves more. And for me, it actually started to help me to love myself more. Because I was somebody who always tried to fit in. I always felt like I wanted to be accepted. I have this like deep rooted acceptance room from when I was five years old. And so it's almost like I wasn't being my true self. I was like morphing myself into what I thought I should be based on those around me. And learning this, it just gives me that freedom to be like actually, I'm different and so is someone else. So for a long time as well. I felt like my family was trying to make Maybe like they were, they had their own ways. And I just kind of felt like I didn't quite fit in there. So I always felt like I was wrong for doing things my own unique way. So it also helped me to understand like my family members, my friends, and just accept them for who they are. And that's another thing I love about human design and only liberates ourselves. But it also helps us to stop projecting our own ways onto other people, because we can realize like, Okay, this is me, and this is how I operate. And this is you, and this is how you operate. So I'm not going to try and force you to make an instant decision, just because that's how I operate, I'm going to understand like, Okay, you're gonna need some time for this. And I'm going to allow you that time of space. And I don't expect you to explain yourself, if you're like, I'm just not feeling it. I'm like, Okay, I understand you.

Theresa Lambert:

It's like, my like, so, you know, like saying in Florida, like when I listened to you, because it's so like, so many things of what you said, I think are so vital for how we're able to show up in the world as ourselves. And you know, I think especially at the heart of it like to be able to love ourselves for, you know, all of it and truly love ourselves unconditional and return to, like I believe like we all ultimately love and light. So we are the love, like we are on a journey to be loved in this world, like, energetically. And we're here in human form. And we're souls and we're all connected all one. And so the more we understand ourselves, and how we show up, and the more we understand how other people show up. And the more we can express that, the better we can actually work together and collaborate and CO create together because like you said, like for me to be able to say, hey, mattina, like, even if we, you know, let's say you and I are like, let's meet up, go to Palma Central on Tuesday. And then on Tuesday morning, I wake up and I'm like, I really don't feel like going anywhere today. Like I feel like, you know, being like on my own or not trying or whatever it is to be able to say, hey, mattina I know we said we're gonna go out, but I feel like I need the night to just be on my own. And to have you know, somebody like you then respond and being like, I get it. No problem, you know, rather than be like, why what's coming up for you like, because often times nothing's come up, I just don't feel like it. And so, I love that. And you know, the acceptance piece, I think this is gonna resonate to so to so many people listening. Because I think oftentimes we make ourselves wrong for it, you know, I know, I would make myself wrong foot and be like, but I've committed to this. And you know, I'm known, like, I am known to be one of the most like reliable people, like if you have me in your life, whether you know, as a friend or coach or anything like, I am very reliable. But I've also had to revise the story for myself that being reliable doesn't mean that I can't change my mind. being reliable doesn't mean that I am putting my needs aside for other people's needs, right? Like being reliable also means being true to myself being reliable for myself. And I had to learn to love myself to be actually able to do that. And to stop projecting, and to start accepting. And that was so huge. And I feel like it's really been helpful on my business journey. So I'm curious how that's helped you, as you were building your business to have all these pieces because I know for me, that was huge, huge.

Martina Salling:

It is huge. Absolutely. I agree. So yeah, he went design is really helped me business as a generator, the strategy is to respond. And so learning this was really helpful because a lot of times we're taught to maybe reach out to potential clients, which may not always feel in alignment. I know for me, sometimes I was like, that just doesn't feel good. I would rather you know, create a piece of content when I was feeling in a good place, like sharing from that good energy, and then people are gonna respond to me and reach out to me. So, for me, I love that because it helps me to feel Yeah, more times. You know, I don't want to be chasing people down to be like, Hey, do you want to work with me? I'd rather just like be In my flow and like know that I'm taking care of my energy. And when I do that, that energy sort of radiate out to impact others, and people are going to be magnetized to me. And that has been my experience so far. I'm also a sacral authority. So I have an open emotional center. And this means that I can make decisions kind of in the moment, based on what I feel excited about. Learning, this is really helpful for me too, because it helps me to, you know, be guided to the opportunities that are right for me, and to avoid frustration in my life as well. Something that I used to do a lot was overextend myself, I would say yes, and I didn't really feel like it. Because I thought, well, this is going to make someone else happy. This is a common theme that I see. It can be common in really anyone but find a specialty generator, manifesting generators, even emotional, or sorry, open emotional people as well. Because for me, with an open emotional center, I'm going to feel other people's emotions. And so if I'm feeling that someone's unhappy, I don't want to be the cause of that, right? So I'm like, okay, like, what can I do to make it better, like, I'd rather make that person happy. And that will result in the self sacrificing, which has put me through burnout many times. So this is all the natural learning experience. Learning where I need to set my own boundaries, and just honor my sacral authority. When I tune into my body, and I feel excited, like, I feel like my posture opens up and I'm like, Oh, I have energy and excitement for this. I know that it's for me. And in some things in No, it's going to feel either, like, just kind of I don't have my body. There's like no excitement, there's no energy, therefore, therefore it. And that's where in the past, I would catch myself being like, okay, sure, like, Yeah, let's do it anymore. It didn't really feel like it.

Theresa Lambert:

I love to so in some ways, like, the human design really helps us play bigger in life and in business, you know, because it allows us to make these decisions and move with our energy, and tap into our body and like what we innately know. And you can just like be like, yes, yes, no, yes, no, yes. And when you learn to trust it, it's like, okay, this is working. And like, I mean, there's so many, you know, other layers to it. But I love that you mentioned that, and it hits home for me always to that, you know, we're all unique. And we all have different ways in which we show up. And so our businesses, and the way we show up, and the way we build our businesses gets to be that too. And that's why there is no golden bullet strategy. Like, it just doesn't work that way. It's like, I'm always like, I really hate to tell you this, but like, No, I was like, there is no do these five steps. And in one week, you know, you're gonna be having 10k months on repeat, like, it doesn't work that way, you know, it might feel like it does. And something that one person does may work for you, if it's in alignment, right with that. So you can even with that, use it as this really cool guidance system, which is what I love. So I love that you shared that and how it's working for you. So I know people listening will be like, how can I get more of this? How can I learn more from a teenager? You know, you have such a beautiful way of explaining human design, I love how you really using the like, even explained the complexity of it, that it's not just like one layer that we're looking at. And, and you know, I want to know more myself, but where can people go? Where can they find you? Let us know about that?

Martina Salling:

Absolutely. So connect with me on Instagram, I try to post daily stories there. And yeah, I'm actually working on more of like a Human Design Series in terms of video explanations, which is, yeah, I know that a lot of people are hearing about it, and hearing how wonderful and amazing it is to enhance basically every area of your life. So you'll also find me on YouTube as well. I'm just starting there. But I'm going to be sharing some more like longer form video content on that platform. And if you would like a free mini reading, I'm available for those as well. So the full readings that I do, that are going to vary between like 90 minutes to three hours, sometimes like really long. Sometimes I break it up into two sessions because it can be a lot of information to learn about yourself in one sitting. If you're brand new to it. This is where it's kind of just like dipping your toes in with the free 15 minute can be really helpful. Yeah, I love it as like a tool to just get to know yourself on a deeper level. You know, you can go about go about life with more ease and flow, less resistance, less burnout. Just like what you're So I was here to do. I

Theresa Lambert:

love this. I love this and all the links to find Matina in the show notes too. So if you like she talked to so far as to how we're gonna get it, just check out the show notes and you can just click the links, definitely follow her on her Instagram, I love being on Instagram and I love checking out more of what you have coming to you and your YouTube channel. This podcast is on YouTube too. So for those of you listening on another platform, you can also see this beautiful soul beaming and have beautiful energy by watching this episode again. And I feel like it'll also I don't know like there's something when we see people in that element when we see people sharing visually that I find almost deepens what what is being said. And oftentimes, you know, our energy listens differently. It's, it's, you know, our ego speaks in words. And so understanding that the soul is the energy in the flow and when we see things when we see movement when you see body language, there's a bit of a different thing so so I would encourage you to watch this episode and and check out Martina's Instagram, because what you will feel from it and how inflammation lands with you will feel different visually than it does when you just hear it. And that's something that you know, I find always very curious. Anyways, Matina I couldn't like talk to you for like hours about human design and all the things. So I am so blessed that I happen to have you in my life. And I you know, get to be in your beautiful energy and have these conversations more often. But thank you so much for being on the podcast. I love having you. And I know my listeners will be so thrilled. Is there anything else that like you wanted to share a piece of wisdom that you want to give them on their way before we wrap this episode?

Martina Salling:

Yeah, thank you so much for all this. The last thing I want to share basically is just remember who you are. Remember who the fuck you are. That's it. Like, if you can do that, and just be your true self. You're doing it right.

Theresa Lambert:

I love that. Remember who the fuck you are. That is like Yes. And you and I are about to go into the weekend. So I am definitely going to be taking this into the weekend with me again. What do you know, thank you so so so, so much. You're such a beautiful soul and the world's blessed that you're doing this work. So thank you. Thanks for everyone listening. And we'll be back again next week with more juice on the diaries of a six figure coach podcast.

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